3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Sunday, December 1, 2013

36th Annual Brian's Run

36th Annual Brian's Run
Henderson High School
West Chester, PA

Last run of the year.  It will be the 3 Bugeys, 2 Gwiazdowskis, and a Scheirbaum.

The first Brian's Run for Chris and Nathan, as well as Gage Gwiazdowski.

The Gwiz men

Chris kicking ass

Gage finishing strong


3rd generation of Bugeys to do the Brians Run

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Philly 1/2 Marathon

Philly 1/2 Marathon
Philadelphia, PA

Went down to the start with John Gwiazdowski, and Tommy & Krissy Graham.  Lots of friends did this half marathon, with Heather Doyle Tracey doing her first marathon.

But of course the best part was getting to run the 13.1 miles with John Gwiazdowski.  Congrats Gwiz on your first half marathon.

me and Johnny


long sleeve T - front

long sleeve T - back

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reading Terminal / Philly Marathon Expo

So the Bugeys and Grahams had to go down to Philly to pick up our race gear.  We took the train into town.  We went to Reading Terminal first to get a bite to eat.

boys at Reading Terminal

Then headed over to the race expo to pick up our packets.  Luckily, they had a kids section with activities

Sunday, November 10, 2013

OBX marathon

The Outer Banks Marathon
Outer Banks, NC

Up at 5am, left the house at 6am, for the 7:30 start of the OBX marathon.  The race is a point to point run.  There were about 1000 marathon runners.

emergency contact:  Mike Elwell (that should never happen again)

The race starts off at 7:30.  I did not have my camera with me, but I wish I did.  The first 1/2 of the race is all run through neighborhoods, and you are never more than 500 yards from crowd support.  Plenty of people out supporting the runners, offering an array of food and beverages.  I really enjoyed my mimosa at mile #7.

The scenery was gorgeous.  You don't run by the ocean, but you do run along the sound (the other side of the island) so plenty of beautiful water shots.  I started in the back, and stayed in the back.  Just taking my time, enjoying the views, listening to some podcasts.  At mile 8, we run by the monument at the Wright Brothers' National Park.  That was awesome.

Problem I had though was that I brought the wrong shoes with me.  I grabbed a pair of Converse high tops that I own.  Great ankle support, but not so great on the bottom of my feet.  Around mile 10, we start doing some trail running, and it just killed my feet.  I finished the 1/2 point at 3 hours and 3 minutes (my slowest time ever to get to that point).  I knew at this point I was in for a long second half.

Having said all that though, I still enjoyed the second half of the race.  Most of it is run along a highway, but there are times where you go off of that back into neighborhoods.  They had a cycling team down there that had cyclists covering several miles (15-22).  They would just go back and forth and make sure runners were ok.

And a nice surprise at mile 20 when Mike, Jane, Sarah, and Alex pulled up.  Mike got out, handed me a beer, and walked with me for about 1/2 a mile (I walked most of the last half of the race, feet were killing me).  It was great to have a little company.  Something I never have during a marathon

Mile 20, six to go

Sarah and Alex had made some signs, and were waiting a little further up.

Mike and the girls met me at mile 26 with another beer.  It was nice carrying that for the last .2.
Below, I am coming down the stretch.  I joked that I was so far ahead of everyone, the crowds weren't even there yet.  Jane was at the finish with her camera.

I need to get Miller Lite to sponsor me.

Myself, Mike, Sarah, Alex

I come in just under 7 hours.  It was a blast. A terrible race time, but a fantastic race experience.  The race ends in Manteo, NC.  It is a cute little town that has all kinds of restaurants and shops, so a perfect place to end the marathon.  Apparently, this race is highly recommended for people who want to attempt their first marathon.  I couldn't agree more.  More importantly though, it was so great to have a cheering section.  I couldn't be more thankful for Mike, Jane, Sarah and Alex, and for taking time out of their Sunday to come cheer me on.  Forever grateful.

Race Swag:

Finisher medal

Finisher Visor

Nathan wearing the tech race tee

back of the race tee

Saturday, November 9, 2013


The Outer Banks, North Carolina

So I took off at 2pm on Friday (yesterday) and started making my way down to the Outer Banks.  Got in at about 9pm to Casa de Elwell in Corolla. Mike, his soon-to-be fiance (a week later) Sarah, and Sarah's friend Alex were already there, and in the hot tub with beer and wine.  Well that is not too shabby a way to start a marathon weekend.  Race started in 34 hours.  Plenty of time to get drunk, recover, and then run 26.2 miles.

Next morning, headed down to Kitty Hawk for the expo.  I hadn't signed up in advance.  They offered expo registration, but I was nervous when I showed up that they would be sold out.  Sure enough though, I registered and all was well.

Small expo, but still had all the good running jazz that I needed.

marathon expo

After that, I went over to the Wright Brothers National Park.  It was right next to the expo.  A small museum, with a monument on top of a big hill.  It was pretty cool, and it was a nice last minute visit (I didn't plan it in advance).

Got back the Elwells at noon, and just hung out for the day.  Had a good carb dinner.  We all watched Silver Linings Playbook, and then off to bed at 9pm (had to be up at 5am).  Oustanding, relaxing day.