3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Pain Endurance Run

Labor Pain Endurance Run
Reading, PA

Race T

Back for a second running of the Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance Race.  I was looking to run 26.2 miles again, which means 5 laps (of the 5 mile loop) and then out and back for the last 1.2 miles.

Lap #1
I started in the back of the pack, had my new trail running shoes.  I finished in about an hour and eleven minutes, which was totally fine by me.  My goal was to try to do each lap in an hour and a half, so this had me well ahead of the pace I wanted to be at.

Lap #2
Trouble started when I noticed that my toes were really starting to hurt.  I couldn't run down hill at all, because my toes were jamming against my shoes and it was very painful.  The last 1/4 of the loop is pretty much all downhill, and it was not fun at all.  I finished an hour and nineteen minutes.  Still a good half an hour ahead of the pace I wanted overall, but I was hurting.  I changed shoes into normal running sneakers.  Good news is that they fit my feet better (toes were not hurting nearly as much).  Bad news is that these shoes were not really designed for running on trails.

Lap #3
Took me an hour and a half to do this lap.  Lots more walking since feet were bothering me.  I have always taken really good care of my feet during these runs as to not have any problems with them.  I was still a half an hour ahead of the pace I wanted to be at.

Lap #4
Took me an hour and forty-seven minutes to do this loop.

Lap  #5
Final lap.  Started to rain a mile into it, but we were in the woods so it wasn't that bad.  Took me an hour and fifty-six minutes.  I pretty much walked this entire lap, but I did have a beer at the aid station, so that was nice.

Finished up the last 1.2 on the out and back, and called it a day.  I really love doing this race.  I will have to take a year off next year, because of some scheduling issues, but I am excited to do it again in the future.

Party was followed by the annual Hartman Ho Down party I attend every year.  Boys and I made a first aid kit and a jello shot tray for the party.  These will be able to be used in years to come.


With marathon #10 finished, I spent the run thinking about who I could dedicate the race to. The name that came to mind was Katey Sagal.
While we all loved her 20 years ago as the one and only Peg Bundy, an iconic role that will never be forgotten, she also did another good show called "8 Simple Rules to Dating My Teenage Daughter." It was very memorable when they did the episode after the passing of John Ritter, certainly one of those TV moments you just don't forget.
But more importantly, I started watching binge watching a show I have been meaning to watch for a few years now, Sons of Anarchy. I knew she was on it, but thats all I knew. She plays the wife of the president of a motorcycle gang. There was this episode where this girl was strutting down the street how had slept with her husband. There were some kids nearby on a skateboards. Without hesitation, she picked up a skateboard and smashed the girl's face with it. I literally said "Woah! Peg Bundy is a badass."
So what I guess I am trying to say is, while I have always appreciated her career, watching Katey smash a girl's face in with a skateboard was enough to enter the TV Hall of Fame, and enough to have a marathon dedicated to her. Can't wait to see what else she doe s(cause I am still on Season 1, so there is plenty more ass kicking that I need to get caught up on).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom

Spent the day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.  Got there at about 1030am to get ready for the opening of Wildwater Kingdom at 11am.  This was the Friday before Labor Day weekend, so the park was pretty empty.  We hit all the water slides we could hit in the first 2 hours of being there.  We then got some lunch at about 1ish, and then headed over to Dorney.

Once we were at Dorney, we hit a bunch of rides at Planet Snoopy.  This was great, since there were about 15 rides all in one spot for the boys to go on.  I was originally planning on leaving around 3 or 4....but we just kept on going.

Finally made our way over to some bigger rides, like the Wild Mouse, Rapid Ride, and Log Flume

After that, we went and had some dinner around 6ish or so, and then stayed until about 830 or so.
What a fantastic day.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Self Transcendence Marathon

Self Transcendance Marathon
Rockland Lake State Park
New York

An interesting marathon, being that it is on a Monday.  I took the day off work so I can trek up to New York State to do this run.  The Park is about 15 miles north of New York City.  It had a 7am start (which is great for an August marathon)

The course was a loop around a lake that was slightly less than 3 miles.  We had to essentially run 9 loops around this lake.  They did have mile markers all the way around for EVERY mile, so you always knew exactly how far into the run you were.

Each aid station had a layout of water, gatorade, soda, chips, pretzels, etc.  The aid stations were all a mile apart, so come the second half of the marathon, I was in great shape.

There were also a bunch of these signs around the course.  This was one of them.

I finished in just under 7 hours.  I walked most of the second half of the course, and made no bones about it.  I was in no hurry to finish.  I was relaxing, listening to my iPod, and enjoying the scenery.

This was a fantastic race.  It was flat.  The weather was perfect.  Aid every mile.  You could easily stop and take a break if you wanted to.  No traffic.  Easy to get in and out of (parking).

I am sure I am will do this one again at some point.  Glad to have a New York marathon out of the way.

T Shirt:  front

T Shirt: back

race bib

finisher's medal


With marathon #9 now in the books, I wanted to dedicate this one to someone who is a hero of mine.....Chris Martin 

Some of you may know Chris as the singer of a band (I think they are called Coldplay, or maybe its Coldfront, or Coldtooth...I don't really remember), but to me he is much more than that. Earlier this year, Chris (37) and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow (41) announced they were splitting up. We all have those celebrities we just don't like for some reason, and mine has always been Gwyneth Paltrow. Chris could sit in a room, write sad songs, and sulk about it......or.....he could start dating 24 year old Jennifer Lawrence (currently the most popular and bankable movie star in Hollywood right now).

Chris Martin = hero

Friday, August 15, 2014

Delaware Children's Museum evening visit

A Friday evening trip to the Delaware Childrens Museum in Wilmington, DE with the Harder girls.
$5 per person after 5pm, which is a not too shabby a dearl.

Chris Bugey running obstacles