3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday afternoon run at Rustin High School

After a week of snow, I thought it would be nice to get outside for a run today.  Ran for about 50 minutes, guessing about 4.5 miles or so.  Of course I had to bring the camera along for some pics. 

Rustin Football field

Rustin High School

I know, I know, they are not the Philly Art Museum steps, but I ran up them anyway.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A snowed in day at home

Today we got hit with a lot of snow, so the boys stayed home, and we had a fun day.  Watched 101 Dalmations and The Jungle Book.  Here was the scene this morning from Casa de Bugey

So, after a couple movies and lunch, it was time for Playdoh and coloring.  Great way to wind down before nap time

Once the boys went to take their afternoon nap, I couldn't really drive anywhere, so I figured I would go out for a run in the park.

Just put on my ipod, listened to a Bill Simmons podcast, and decided to run for 30 minutes or so.  I'm going to guess it was about 2.5 miles or so.  Running in the snow is certainly challenging, but a fantastic work out.

The house from the park

Nothning but pure snow in front of me

pic from the other end of the park

Finally, I don't know who had the more exhausting day.  I will let those looking at it decide from these two pics below.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

22nd Annual Road to the Super Bowl - 5k race in Wilmington, DE

Well, we had another race in Wilmington today that Niki and Jessica registered for, but could not attend.  Niki let me know that there were two spots available, and asked if I could take the two spots.  Of course, I asked Mr. Felix, but he was not able to make it.  The next course of action was to ask my DMBF Melissa if she wanted to participate in the run, since it was local to her in Wilmington (DMBFF stands for Daily Mile Best Friend).  Melissa was on-call, but was able to make the race.  Once the race started, anyone in Wilmington with a major foot issue was going to have to wait until she ran her 5k.

Kelly's Logan House:  Registration and post race activities:

Me and Melissa

Races2run.com seems to start their races not with a gun, but with a freaking cannon.  Always scares the bejesus out of me. 

There were about 200 people participating in the race.
And we are off:

Most of the route used for this race was the same as the 10 miler last weekend

I don't know why, but for some reason, I like having the entire road open to run on.  Just spaces things out a little better for everyone

The leader:

The Brandywine

The final stretch, downhill for once

Bananas, pretezels, and pizza.  Also got a free beer with your race bib.

Turned out to be an outstanding time.  I have found that I really enjoy these races down in Wilmington.  They are well organized, the routes are well marked, and they are inexpensive.  Lots of races in Wilmington coming up around March and April.  (including another 5k here at Kelly Logan's House, and of course the Cesar Rodney Half Marathon).  Also, I now have a local Wilmington running buddy in my new friend Melissa. 

This will probably be it for January races.  I will have the Struble Trail run next Saturday, but that is not a race.  Coming up in February are a few more runs in West Chester, Downingtown, Ridley Creek State Park. 

What a great way to start off the New Year:
- 5 races
- 4 runs with the Downingtown Running Club
- my first 10 miler
- made a new running buddy
- (this is an estimate) but I probably made Chris Felix spend between 30-45 minutes of his life standing in cold weather, waiting for me to finish races.  This is what I am most proud of so far,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Years Resolution Run - 5 mile (4 of 5) in Downingtown, PA

Back to Struble Trail for Resolution Run - 5 mile (4 of 5).  I was not able to make it last week, due to the pickle run in Ridley Creek State Park, but I am back today for more Struble madness.  About 25 runners or so, and it was cold.  Saw the Andys (my friend Andy Baxter, and Coach Andy).  Did the 5 mile run again.  The first 1/2 of the trail was plowed, but the second 1/2 was not (so the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the race was run in the snow again).  Another fun run.  This time I went back to the Downingtown Running Store with some other racers for coffee and cookies.  Met some very nice peoplem, including Greg Prosser and his wife Ellen.  Greg is getting ready for the Boston Marathon (which is like THEE marathon).  Thought that was pretty neat.  Found out a bunch of other runners had signed up for The Broad Street 10 miler on 05/01/11.  Good to know there will be some familiar faces there (in the crowd of 30,000 or so.)

Anyways, good start to the weekend.  Looking forward for my 5k race tomorrow in Wilmington, DE.

Took just a few pics today

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PSCI Icicle 10 mile run - Wilmington, DE

Got up at 7am to get ready.  OK, thats a lie.  My Nathan woke me up cause he wanted pancakes.  Luckily, I had gotten all ready the night before.  Ipod and phone charged, playlist on ipod created and synced, bag packed with spare clothes.  I was all set.  Just needed to eat something before I left.  Got some of my home made mac and cheese (for some carbs) and of course a Coke.  Breakfast of champions.  I think I read somewhere that Steve Prefontaine used to have the same meals before he ran.

Now here came the scary part of the day.  I had to leave the boys with Grampy (cause Gammy wasn't going to be home for like an hour).  The question was going to be:  What are those boys going to do to their grandfather while nobody else was there to help him.  I expected that when Gammy came home, Grampy would have been locked in a closet somewhere, tied up.  I left him with the boys as they were watching Shrek 4.  I just had to cross my fingers and hope for that everything would be ok (not worried about my kids, just worried about my father.)

So, met Chris Felix at Kelly's Sports, and we drove down to Wilmington together.  We met at 7:30, race was at 9.  We figured this was a good idea.  Well sure enough, there was no traffic at all on the road, so we got down to Wilmington by about 7:50 (way too early.)  Oh well, we went in and registered at the YMCA in Wilmington.  Sure enough it is right in the middle of town (which I didnt know).  I mean, literally right in the middle of downtown corporate Wilmington.  That was pretty cool.  We registered, got our shirts and race numbers, and just hung out and stretched for a while as more and more people piled in.  I was impressed with how organized this race is.  It was also interesting to see all the runners.  Being that this was a 10 mile race, all the runners were mostly serious runners.  That was cool though. 

race number:
This was a critical thing to have, because if you show up with it at the Washingtson Street Ale House, you get a free beer

here is the race shirt.  Not a bad long sleeve shirt.  It is an XL, but I am working on it.  Next year, I will just need an L.

Here are a few pics before the race started:

Downtown Wilmington on Sunday morning at 8am

Chris and I

Wilmington's finest getting ready to route traffic and make us safe

Downtown YMCA.  This is where registration and the finish line is

Getting ready to start

So, its 9am.  About 400 runners or so gathered in Wilmington.  I got my ipod ready to go, just waiting for the start.  BOOM!  (a cannon went off which scared the bejesus out of me)

and we are off:
First 2 miles were through downtown Wilmington

crossed the first mile timer at 9mins 57sec (which, since I was in the back when I started, didn't cross the starting line for 30 seconds until after the cannon went off, I was very happy with this pace.  About 9mins 30secs.)  If I could do this for 9 more miles, no sweat!

mile #2
and now we are starting to run out of the city, towards Rockford Park

mile #3

this is the "Delaware Art Museum"  I thought about running up the steps of these, since I was listening to Rocky music.  Much easier than the Philadelphia Art Museum steps

mile #4

mile #5
this is where I start to pass a lot of runners in front of me, coming the other way

mile #6
past the turnaround, heading back in the direction of the finish line.

mile #7

mile #8
running up this was a pain earlier on, but now, its all downhill

Its hard to tell in the pic, but this was a brutal hill, right at the 9 1/2 mile mark.  I had no problem pushing through it.  Having said that, as soon as I got to the top, I was exhausted.  Luckily, only a quarter mile to go.

final stretch to the finish

clock:  1 hour   48 mins    03 secs
chip:    1 hour   47 mins    37 secs

So, I finished 393 out of 427 finishers.  Now that doesn't seem great, but it could've been worse.  I could've finished at 394.  There was a 10 year old girl who ran the race.  I beat her by 4 minutes or so.  That made me feel pretty good inside!  However, there were 3 men over 70, and they all beat me (2 of them kicked my ass)

Chris finished in 1 hour  26 mins  (206 out of 427) 

Chris was waiting for me.  We went into the Y, grabbed some pizza, soft pretzels, and gatorade.  

The most important giveaway was down the street at the Washington Street Ale House.  If you give them your race number, you get a free beer.  It would have been Un-American for us to give up a free beer, so we went here and got it.

What a great race.  This was my first 10 mile run, and I can't wait to do another one!