3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Run at Goose Creek Park in Westtown

Sometimes I forget how gorgeous Chester County can be.  I decided to take a run in Goose Creek Park (by Rustin High School) for something different.  The trail was not plowed, so ran the entire thing in snow.  I love running in the snow.  I probably enjoy it because it makes me feel like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV (when he was training in Russia, to beat Ivan Drago, and put an end to the Cold War).  I figured I would take my camera with me to take some pics.  At one point in the run, I actually ran off the trail and up onto an abandoned railroad.  That was pretty cool.

I have two runs this weekend, so this was the last easy run before them.  5k tomorrow in Ridley Creek State Park, and then a 10 miler on Sunday in Wilmington.  Both runs with my buddy Chris Felix. 

Just a good 32 minute run in the snow.  Since I enjoy running in the snow, I better make sure that I do it while I can (before it melts)

Here are the pics

and then these were when I hopped up onto the railroad tracks:

the next two were taken while running on the railroad tracks, under the 926 bridge.  Who knew that somebody actually decorated the inside of a brdige:

and then just a few more,

Hard to see, but there this is actually a bridge, there is a road underneath the tracks here

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  1. Really beautiful pics Brian! You are making me very jealous, it was in the 80's here today. :( I jogged in the humid heat. No scenery, just all the garbage cans everyone left out.
    Great job on your goals!
    Michele :)