3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Dorney Park

Dorney Park
Allentown, PA

The Bugey Boys annual trip to Dorney Park.  We got there as soon as the park opened.  The park is always significantly less crowded during the week, so we took advantage of that.  We started off in the waterpark, where we never waited in a line for more than 3 minutes.

After that, we made our way into the regular park.  Since we were already wet, we hit up the rapids ride first, followed by the splash down, and finally the log flume.  Next up, we hit the Demon Drop.  Nathan was all about it, but Chris was a little nervous.  He manned up though, and the 3 of us went on.  The great thing about this ride is that once it starts, its over in about 2.5 seconds.  The anticipation is by far the worst part.

Onto Steel Force.  

This is by far the most massive roller coaster the boys have been on to date.  If you look at the below picture, you will see a smaller roller coaster to the right called The ThunderHawk.  Seriously, look at the size difference.  We went on Steel Force several times, with Nathan going back to ride by himself to he could sit in the front seat.

After spending a few hours in the park, we went back over to the waterpark, had a bite to eat, and then hit more water rides.  It started to rain, and the park cleared out (no thunder).  We laughed at this, since we were getting wet.....in a water park.  We had the whole park to ourselves (there was less than 50 people in the park).  It was fantastic.

The water park closed at 7pm, so we headed out to the car to grab some dinner we had packed.  It had been a 9 hour day spent so far, but I was willing to stay until 10pm to close it out.  However, we had hit every ride there was to hit, it was still raining, and it was only going to get colder.  The boys said "We're good, dad.  Lets go home."

No whining, no crying, no fighting, no arguing.  Best Bugey Boy day yet!!!

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