3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rec Plus Tournament

Rec Plus Tournament

Leading up to today, WCUSC participates in the Rec Plus Soccer League tournament.  Of the ten teams in the WCUSC U10B division, each team selects 3 players to for the Rec Plus tournament.  That gives us 2 teams of 15 kids or so.  I coached one of the teams and Jackie Burton coached the other.  The 3 kids from The Sounders were Andrew, Trevor, and Christopher.  I thought this would be a lot of fun to get to coach these 3 kids again.

Now Nathan had only played 1 regular season game and 2 play-off games.  I had told him he was not eligible to play in the Rec Plus Tournament because he barely played any games.  He begrudgingly understood.  However, I got a text from coach Jackie that she did not have a goalie.  I had mentioned that she could have Nathan for the first practice if she needed him (just to fill in).  Sure enough, she said that she would take him on her team, which of course was music to my ears (because having to drag Nathan to watch him brother play 3 games and not be able to play himself would be terrible).

It is a one day event where each team plays 3 games.  The top two teams advance to a championship game.  Chris was on the black team (coached by me) and Nate was on the black team (coached by Jackie).

I was not going to be able to watch Nate play, because all their games were at the same time.  Chris's team won the first game 4-0, and Nate's team one their first game 4-0 as well (Nate played the whole game in goal).

Sure enough, the 2nd game they played each other.  Nate's team won 4-0 again (another complete game shutout for Nate).  Chris of course was not happy with the loss.

3rd game was a 1-1 tie for Chris, and a 6-1 win for Nate.  His team got up early, with a halftime lead of 5-0.  Coach Jackie took Nate out and put in one of the better goal scorers in net so that the score would not get out of hand.  To really try to even things out, she put Nate on offense...and wouldn't you know it, he scored a goal.

So Nate got to play in The Championship game, and Chris did had to sit and watch (which of course Chris thought was bullshit.)  Now that I was done coaching, I was thrilled that I could just sit and watch Nate as well.  His team won 5-0, to win The Championship

Thats 3.5 games of shutout soccer for Nathan in the goal, and he scored in the half he played on the field.

Nathan was in a freak accident back in July.  It took almost 3 months for him to be cleared to play soccer again (and to be honest, that was the least of my worries.  We though he was going to have permanent vision damage as well as serious long term concussion issues).  It took dozens of doctors appointments and a lot of just mental toughness to not only overcome these issues, but to have the patience to get to this point.  I felt like a winner the minute he took the field today, but he got to feel like a winner at the end of the day.

(and yes, Chris still thinks this is all bullshit....and the only reason Nate was on the team in the first place is because people felt sorry for him.  It wasn't fair.  I told Chris that he was right, and it wasn't fair....and that it also wasn't fair that his brother got hit in the eye with a bat, got a real nasty concussion, and couldn't play any sports for 3 months.....so shut your god damn mouth and be happy for your brother.  You have had plenty of moments to shine, let your brother have today.  Chris then agreed.)

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