3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Brian's Run

2016 Bran's Run
West Chester, PA

So, another year almost over, and another Brian's Run is upon us.  This year, I figured I would sit this one out and let the boys do it.  Notice the old school Brian's run hats they are wearing.  They go back 30 years.

So Christopher is up first.  He is running in the Tot Trot, which is ages 4-8 years old.  Being that he is 8, I knew he had a shot to win it.  He knew this as well, since he was running against 4,5, and 6 year olds.  I told him just to do his best, and whatever happens, happens.

And he's off.

He had the lead at the half way point, but ran out of gas on his way back, and ended up in 2nd place overall.  He did place first amongst boys (so that means he got beat by a girl, and that will be something to tease him about for all of 2017.).  I was super proud of the effort he gave.

And now it was time for Nate's run.  He was running in the 9-13 race, which I think was about 3/4 of a mile.  Being that he is only 9, I told him to just do his best and have fun.

And as always, nobody smiles more when he runs like Nathan Bugey does.  A true runner in the making.

Over to Las Vegas Pizza for a few post race slices for my little runners

And finally, we marshaled the 5 miler, and told the runners where to go.

So next year, the kids will be in the same race together (9-13).  They are already looking forward to it.  This was another great end to the running year.  Looking forward to 2017.  

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