3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Saturday, February 12, 2011

run, bowl, then run again

3 mile run in the morning at Goose Creek Park
Bowling for my son's 4th birthday parth
3 mile run on Struble Trail in the afternoon

Goose Creek Park

Started the day off with a 3 mile morning run at Goose Creek Park.  Ran 1/2 way around the park, then got up on the train tracks and ran on there for awhile.  Ended up by Cheyney University, then ran back up to and then down 926 to the Goose Creek Grille.  Great way to start the day.

Nathan's Birthday Party

What a great way for a 4 year old to spend his birthday....at a bowling alley.  Bowling, pizza, presents, birthday cake, beer, video games, chips, pretzels....does it get any better?

Cake made by Niki

Nathan bowling

Chris bowling

Grammy and Nathan bowling

Grampy (hard at work as always)

me and Nathan

Bob and Luke Bonnes

Nathan blowing out candles

Struble Trail

Finally, a nice 3 mile afternoon run on Struble Trail.  Just a little bit of ice left, but I needed to go burn off some pizza and birthday cake.

What a phenominal day!!!

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