3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Pickle Run (2 of 3) - Ridley Creek State Park

Wind, wind, and more wind.  My god, was it windy today.  Race was at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Temperature was great when there was no wind, which was not often.  Chris Felix joined me again for the race.  Much smaller turnout than the first Pickle Run.  Again, we had the choice of doing the 5k run or the 7k run (with the final 1/3 run on trails).  Chris and I decided to do the 7k run. 


#2013.  Cool bib design.  Great advertising for "Run the Day" to have a stellar athlete like me wearing this during the run.

Had a cup of coffee and a 5 hour energy drink before the run.  Turned out to not be a good idea, because I had to take a piss the whole run.

Oh yeah!  This was waiting for me at the finish line!!!

The one and only Chris Felix.  As seen below, he takes his coffee black.....just like his men!

No, this is not Achillies, or Superman, or Rambo.....it is just me!

The start of the race!  Much less crowded the first Pickle Run

The Pickle giving race instructions

So, the race starts, and I am jamming to Guns N Roses Greatest Hits.  "Welcome to the Jungle" is the first song, which is a great song to start off a race too.  This was followed up byt "Sweet Child O Mine"

This was the leader of the 5k race.  He was freaking flying!  I wasn't running as fast as he was, since I was doing the 7k race (yeah, thats the reason)

This is where the GNR album let me down.  The third song is "Patience"  Awesome song, but not the best song to run too.  Of course I am singing along as I am running.

This is a big f**king rock.  It certainly caught my eye while I was running.  I took a picture, and then started wondering why God would put this big rock here.  Was there a purpose to this rock being there?  Does this rock serve some kind of cosmic purpose in the current dimension of this reality and/or universe?  These are the thoughts that keep a runner occupied while he runs (and maybe...just maybe....that was the purpose of the rock)

Finally, the awards ceremony, and I did not win one.

2 of 3 Pickle Runs done, one more to go in March.  Looking forward to it.

update on 2/26/2011 - Here are the pics from runtheday.com:
one is a picture of a serious runner, and the other two are of a guy who has no business entering runs ever.

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  1. Maybe you will get an award next time. I love reading your blog it makes me laugh. In a good way of course. Keep it up!!! : )