3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Disney trip with the Grahams - Day #1

So, today we start our Bugey/Graham vacation trip to Walt Disney World.  Three generations of Bugeys and Grahams. 

3 kids - Nathan, Chris, and Susan
4 adults - myself, Tommy, Krissy, and Jennifer
3 FOPS - Mighty Mary, Tom, and Pat

--FOP stands for F**king Old People

So, we are up and at'em at 5am.  Jennifer is flying with us to Orlando.  3 adults and 2 kids on an airplane.  Of course we can't get a direct flight to Orlando.  We have to fly to Chicago first, and then Orlando (cause that is convenient).

Philly airport at 6:45 in the morning

So, after 6 hours of being on a plane, we finally make it to Orlando.  Of course, it takes us 40 minutes to get onto a bus, and Fort Wilderness is stop #4 on the bus trip.  I was just so happy to get to the resort, I didn't even care that it was raining out.

checking into Fort Wilderness

Our cabins are right next to the Grahams.  Pat and Tom are already there with Susan.  Tommy and Krissy are still about 2 hours away.  Since we don't want to go to a park without them, Tom and I decide to take the kids out for some pony rides, while everyone else unpacks.

Chris and Susan getting ready for pony rides

Nathan on his first pony ride

Chris on his first pony ride

playground in front of Pioneer Hall

The thrill of vicotry (Nathan)

The agony of defeat

waiting for us when we arrived

playing with hose

So, finally Tommy and Krissy arrive, and we are off to Disney Hollywood Studios.  Pat is getting ready to have knee surgery, so she has a wheelchair for the week.  We were also smart enough to get a double stroller (which was a god send)

Tommy and Pat

Grammy and the boys

Chris and Pat

Disney Hollywood Studios

big hat
So it is about 7:15pm, and we have until 10pm to get as much done as we can.  We do need to have dinner first, so we find a place right next to Star Tours.  Sure enough, it started to rain (which was good, cause it helped clear out the park a bit).  Well, we got the kids fed first, and then the adults and FOPS got their stuff.  Since the kids finished first, I grabbed the 3 of them and took them on Star Tours since there was no line, and time was a factor.  That way, the rest of the adults could eat and the kids were entertained.  I didn't think it through though, cause going on Star Tours is a bad idea after I just ate.  It is an awesome ride (which involves 3D glasses) but very, very bumpy. 

2 good things came out of this
1.)  The kids loved it
2.)  I did not throw up


Chris with 3D glasses for Star Tours
Next up, the Muppets 3D.  Another 3D adventure (but this was just a show).  It was probably about 10-15 minutes long, but really fun.  I wish my boys liked the muppets more.

Muppets 3D

So, while I was standing in line for Star Tours, a couple was in line that was kind enough to give us 4 free Fast Passes for the Toy Story Mania ride (which I hear is the best ride for kids at Disney Hollywood Studios).  Since there were 3 kids, only one adult can go on.  Tommy volunteered and said the ride was really fun.  I wish I could have gone on it, but I was just happy that Chris and Nathan got on it.

Toy Story Mania
So it is about 9:20pm.  We convince the FOPS to take the kids into see a "Little Mermaid' show or ride (not sure what it was, but it took 20 minutes).  This allowed for the adults to hit up 2 big rides.  First up, the Aerosmith Rock N' Roll Rollercoaster.  An indoor rollercoaster that shoots you right out of the start (no slow uphill climb).  I think it was one of the best roller coasters I have ever been on.  Loved it.  Even if Jen Graham was screaming in my ear the whole time, it was still fun.

Aerosmith Rock N'Roll Rollercoaster
I tried to get a good clear pic of the Tower of Terror, but it just didn't come out that way.  The ride itself was ok, but the pre-ride decorations and set up were just fantastic.  So glad that we went on this at night.

Twilight Tower of Terror

After that, we met up with the FOPs and called it an evening.

3 tired kids

A fantastic start to the week.  Despite only 2 and a half hours, we covered all the major rides at Disney Hollywood Studios.  Next up tomorrow:  Epcot

one last shot at the hat lit up at night

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