3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bouncing Buns 7k Trail Run

Bouncing Buns 7k Trail Run
Palmerton, PA

It is that time a year again for a nice naked run in the summertime.  I did the run with John Gwiazdowsi (his first time) and Jared again.  It was really hot this year, but luckily most of the race is run in the shade.


I also ran into Nate Robinson (a buddy from high school).  I knew Nate was going to be doing the race ahead of time.  After the race though, he had to get going to the shore.  He was unable to stay for the award ceremony.  Sure enough, he won 5th place for Males ages 18-39.  Since he was not there to pick up his trophy, I gladly went up and accepted it for him (which is my way of saying that I said "Why yes, I am Nate Robinson, and I will gladly accept my trophy."  I then continued to parade it around as if I had won it.

5th place trophy that I came away with (note:  I did not say I won the trophy)

So, it was "Meat Day" at Brendan and Amy McNamee's house.  The McNamee's cook, roats, or whatever all kinds of different meats and have a lightning bug catch for the kids at night.  Months ago, we had a boys night out.  Everyone had goin home except me and Brendan.  We were talking about the Penn State scandal, and I really wanted Brendan's opinion on it.  Anyways, Amy was looking for him, and Brendan had said he was on his way home (and he wasn't yet).  So, Brendan lied, and got caught, and got in trouble.

So months later, I turn this all around on Amy.  I tell her that Brendan had to lie to her, because he felt it was better than telling her the truth...and the truth being that Brendan was all hanging out with just me.  Obviously, Amy would have a problem with Brendan hanging out with just me.  I told Amy I was hurt and crushed to know that she felt this way about me.  I wanted to make amends and offer a peace offering to rebuild our friendship.  I gave Amy the shirt from the race, and told her she had to wear it the rest of the night (and everybody got a big laugh out of it).

me and Amy McNamee

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