3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
11/13/2010 - 5k Stomp Out Hunger: Immaculata Collge

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeremy's Jedi 5k Run

Last year, the boys and I did the inaugural Jeremy's Jedi 5k.  We had such a good time, that this was a must do for 2012.  I did not bring my camera to the race, so no pictures.  It started raining during the race.  Luckily, I had a spare T-shirt, and also the T-shirt from the race.  The boys were able to wear those as panchos.

We got to the end which involved a run around the track at Great Valley High School.  It was raining harder at this point, but the boys insisted on getting out and running around the track, so we all did it together.  After that, we had to get under the food tents and chow down on some pizza.


Another great race.  Look forward to doing it again.

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