3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Pickle Run (3 of 3) - Ridley Creek State Park

Finally had a nice day for the third (of three) Pickle Runs.  Chris and Melissa also ran this race.  The organizers of the race places 10 pickles on the course.  If you find one, you get a prize (more on this later).

pictures of Chris, Melissa, and myself

and of course, a picture of "The Pickle"

Ok, now we are off and running.  This again is a prediction run.  I predicted 44 mins, 30 secs.  I predicted the same on the last race a month ago, and came in at 47+ mins.  I have been running more though, and I thought 44 mins would be realistic.

Now, this was key.  About 1/4 mile into the race, I coincidently found myself 10 yards behind Melissa (Chris was long gone).  This was key, cause now I had a pacer.  Without a pacer, I just go off in my own little world, and don't run as fast. 

Now, after 2/3 of the race, we start the trail run.  It probably would have been nice of either Chris or me to warn Melissa of this uphill part, but we both neglected to do so.  This is where I just blew by her.  I mean, really just ran right by her, leaving her in the dust.  

Bugey Rock!

Action pics (of myself and Melissa, couldn't find one of Chris).  I am still amazed that the running magazines are not using this first shot below for their next cover. 

Almost done the trail!

Hop up off the trail, back onto the road for the final stretch

I finsihed at 40 mins, 40 seconds!  (chip time was 15 seconds faster).  Wow, by far my best time.  I was very pleased with my results for this race.  Great way to start the spring!

OK, here is where the fun begins.  Chris was already done, and I find him waiting at the finish line.  As you can see in the picture, Chris found himself a pickle. 

and here comes Melissa, about a minute behind me

and of course, the best part, the post race popcorn.  I had 3 bags worth!

Now, it is time for prizes.  Chris won "ice shot glasses" for finding a pickle.  Melissa won a pickle (in a beer glass) for being close to her predicted time.  Finally, they had some extra prizes.  The Pickle yelled out "Whoever guesses my favorite color wins this prize."  Since I remembered this answer from the last run a month ago, I yelled out "Purple!"....and I won the prize.  It was a $25.00 gift card to the Bryn Mawr Running Company.  So, all 3 of us were winners (only I didn't walk away with a pickle).

Like I said, a great way to start off the spring racing season.  2 races next weekend (including my first 1/2 marathon next Sunday).

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