3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

5th Annual 5k Muzzy Run

5th Annual 5k Muzzy Run  - Struble Trail in Downingtown, PA.

I did this one with just Nathan.  Chris was sound asleep when we left.

I have to admit, I feel like an ass about this one.  I signed up for this run because it was only $15.00 and on Struble Trail.  It was a nice flat run, and easy to pull a wagon on.  However, I had no idea what the run was about.  So, after the run, I did the research.


Terry Muzzy, the Student Assistant Specialist for the Downingtown School District, was killed tragically in an automobile accident early in 2006. During his 16-year tenure, Terry--who was affectionately known as "Muz"--counseled students through a variety of personal crises, saving lives in the process.  Terry’s tireless efforts influenced countless teens and families sparing them the devastation of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other life endangering events. Through his kid-first mentality and immutable character, Terry made sure that each student received the help they needed when they needed it.  As the founder of LINK, a leadership program at both Downingtown High School campuses that ties together different social groups within the high school community, Terry worked with teens to lay a common foundation for harmony and acceptance in order to create a positive and welcoming school environment.  Combining his compassionate and insightful nature with his delightfully idiosyncratic sense of humor, Terry made more colorful the lives of everyone he touched.  His limitless energy supply made his person and his message ubiquitous throughout the District.  An avid runner, Terry enjoyed jogging nearly every day after work with his beloved dog, Buddy. 

The Ponds at Struble

Nathan wanted to go across this little bridge before the run.  If he fell in the water, it would have been a short morning, as we would have had to leave.

XL shirt fits me fine, but Nathan wanted to try it on.

In the eyes of a 4 year old, any automobile that has flashing lights is just awesome.

Nathan getting ready for the race

and we are off....a very narrow trail

So this was an easy out-and-back course.  Ran 1.55 miles out, and then just turn around and run back.  With about 20 yards to go, I pulled Nathan out of the wagon so he could run across the finish line.  However, he wanted to run across the finish line while pullling the wagon.  It was pretty cool.

Post-Race.  Nathan still wanted to pull the wagon

Finally, the bib

and the shirt

and another pic of the shirt, but this was actually taken by Nathan

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