3 Bugeys and a Wagon

3 Bugeys and a Wagon
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Broad Street Expo

So, I started the day off with a nice 3.5 mile run at Rustin High School.  I had plenty of things to think about from the night before.

The end of the Michael Scott era on "The Office."  It was phenominal.  Great episode.  The Office doesn't have a lot of serious moments, but they sure nail it when they do have them:

1.)  When Jim tells Pam he loves her
2.)  When Jim asks Pam out on a date
3.)  Jim proposes to Pam
4.)  Jim and Pam find out they are expecting
5.)  The wedding (boat on Niagra Falls)
6.)  Michael and Holly finally get together
7.)  Michael and Holly get engaged
8.)  Michael's goodbye to Jim
9.)  Michael's goodbye to Pam

Thats only 9 serious moments in 7 seasons, but they were all very memorable.

And then I had to reflect on the Eagles drafting a 26 year old OG.  Really, a 26 year old rookie.  Good pick guys!  (god damn Eagles)

Some of the pics that I did like...

1.)  Tennessee taking Jake Locker at #7.  Loved it.  Great fit.
2.)  Detroit taking Nick Fairley.  To go with Suh, that is now going to be the best front 4 in football.
3.)  Saints taking Mark Ingram...so long Reggie Bush (the most overhyped player of the last 10 years)


Onto the expo.

Opened at 10am this morning, and traffic was terrible.  They were charging $15.00 to park.  Well, there was no way I was paying that to go pick up a shirt and race bib, so I parked in a CVS on the other side of Broad Street and walked over.  It was probably a 1/2 mile walk, but a gorgeous day. 

On Sunday, I will make Broad Street my bitch!!!

Lincoln Financial Field.  The Expo was inside

Took some pics from inside the Linc of some of the surrounding sights

Wells Fargo Center

Citizen's Bank Park

Philadelphia skyline

Inside the Expo

The field iteself

Finally, the race goodies

race bib


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